1. In the case of payment of winnings through the issuance of a payment order, which the Player shall present to one of the Company's cooperating Payment Services Providers (currently, the National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, and Eurobank S.A.), a control shall be performed by their competent personnel to confirm/ cross-check that the Player’s particulars stated in the payment order fully match those of the person, who presents the order to be paid. In case of any discrepancy, the cooperating Payment Services Provider shall decline the Player's payment. In such a case, the Player may submit a request anew to OPAP’s headquarters (payment request due to discrepancy in particulars) so that the Company credits the winnings to the bank account (IBAN required) they are the beneficiary of.

  1. Payment of Winnings to more than one beneficiary, the origin of which concerns games that do not support group participation (i.e., the group participation cannot be declared during the wagering transaction), will be managed exclusively by the headquarters of OPAP in Athens following relevant request where personal details of each of the beneficiaries will be listed. The crediting of the winnings corresponding to each of the participants will be made to bank accounts held with any of the co-operating with OPAP Payment Service Providers (currently National Bank, Piraeus Bank and Eurobank S.A.) and provided that the applicants must be proven beneficiaries of these accounts (IBAN required).

  1. Payment of winnings for games supporting group participation shall be made in accordance with the applicable procedure as described in the "Payment of Winnings" section, subject to the applicable limits, provided that a payment request has been issued in advance for each of the participating Players.