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The “OPAP Forward’’ program continues dynamically for a second consecutive year with 21 new medium sized companies

True to its strategy of creating value for Greek society and economy, OPAP continues the implementation of the Corporate Responsibility Program "OPAP Forward" for the second consecutive year.


Wishing Ornaments by OPAP made the Christmas wishes of 5,112 children come true

Heartwarming participation throughout Greece


OPAP’s Horse races SA in strategic partnership with Nicosia Race Club

Cypriot horseracing included in Pame Stoixima - Horse Races from 24.01.2018



PAME STOIXIMA: Over 56 million Euros in winnings handed out in December

Pame Stoixima by OPAP hands out major winnings to thousands of players, on a daily basis. In December 2017, Pame Stoixima players won more than 56 million Euros.


Laiko (“Popular Lottery”): Record winnings of Over 13.5 million Euros were handed out in December!

A lucky player from Achaia won 1,280,000 euros



Great success for Winter Challenge Series in the Athens Ηorse Racing Track that emerged the winter’s champions

Winter Challenge Series, the top horseracing event of the winter that OPAP held in Markopoulo on Friday, December 15, has been met with great success.


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Thousands of Christmas wishes of children from SOS Children's Villages, Chatzikyriakeio Foundation for Children Care and Children Support Centre of Elefsis come true with the help of OPAP

Corporate Responsibility Program "Wishing Ornaments" continues for a 4th year


Laiko ("Popular Lottery"): Over 3.6 million Euros were handed out in winnings in November The Grand Ticket winner is from Athens

Laiko ("Popular Lottery") hands out big winnings every month. In November, a total of 3,631,070 Euros were handed out in four draws. The Grand Ticket winner of 480,000 Euros if from Athens. Moreover, two lucky players won 100,000 Euros each. In the other large winnings' categories: • 8 players won 25,000 Euros each • 28 players won 5,000 Euros each • 20 players won 1,000 Euros each • 439 players won 500 Euros each. In the minor categories, a total of 2,371,770 Euros were handed out. From the beginning of the year, Laiko has handed out more than 51,000,000 Euros, in 49 draws conducted. Laiko is available via vendors and at OPAP agencies all over Greece. The draw is conducted every Tuesday at 20:50 and is broadcasted live on ANT1 TV.


OPAP, the Grand Sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, wishes "good luck" to the athletes of the national swimming and powerlifting teams

OPAP, the Grand Sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, said farewell to Greek athletes departing on Monday 27 November 2017 for Mexico, where they will participate in the world championships of swimming and powerlifting. For a sixth consecutive year, OPAP is actively supporting the athletes of the strongest team, displaying in practice its support to society and sport.