Current Job Openings at OPAP Group

OPAP is the leading gaming company in Greece and one of the most renowned in its industry worldwide.

Our vision is to establish OPAP as a world-class gaming entertainment company. Long-term strategic priorities focusing on customers, people, network, products and digital-technology capabilities have been established and placed at the center of actions towards the realization of the vision.  

Moreover, OPAP holds a prominent position among corporate social champions in Greece. Through its extensive Corporate Responsibility program, which focuses on Health, Sports and Employment, the company supports Greek society in practice. 

The Future is in your hands!

OPAP is an employer of choice in the Greek market, and offers career opportunities and a unique working experience to about 1,500 exceptional professionals and talented young people, within an award-winning working environment. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, OPAP was recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Greece.

At OPAP, focus on developing our People stems from our Core Values: Fun, Dynamic, Passionate and Fair.

We also offer young professionals the chance to kick-start their careers at a leading and reliable group, through the οpapinternship program-get in the game! and the Equine Veterinary Graduate Program – Ride High! at Markopoulo Park, two programs that provide significant learning and development opportunities.

Our main objective is to shape a single culture across the organization, by developing a high-performing Team and ensuring job satisfaction for our People.

If you wish to join the OPAP Team and experience a #fair #passionate #dynamic and #fun environment, you can find all OPAP’s available career opportunities below:


Προσφέρουμε, επίσης, την ευκαιρία σε νέους επαγγελματίες να ξεκινήσουν την καριέρα τους σε έναν διακεκριμένο και αξιόπιστο όμιλο, μέσω του προγράμματος πρακτικής άσκησης οpapinternship program-get in the game! και του προγράμματος αποφοίτων Κτηνιατρικών Σχολών, Equine Veterinary Graduate ProgramRide High! στο Markopoulo Park, τα οποία παρέχουν σημαντικές ευκαιρίες μάθησης κι ανάπτυξης.

Βασικός μας στόχος είναι η διαμόρφωση ενιαίας εταιρικής κουλτούρας μέσα από την ανάπτυξη μίας ομάδας υψηλής απόδοσης και την εξασφάλιση εργασιακής ικανοποίησης για τους Ανθρώπους μας.

Αν επιθυμείς να γίνεις μέλος της Ομάδας μας και να εργαστείς σε ένα περιβάλλον γεμάτο #ακεραιότητα #πάθος #δυναμισμό και #διασκέδαση, μπορείς να βρεις όλες τις διαθέσιμες ευκαιρίες καριέρας του ΟΠΑΠ παρακάτω:

Technology & Digital Team

Product Team

People Team


Operations Team

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Team

Tora Team

Financial Team