International Presence

OPAP is a member of European and International Lottery Associations with a dynamic presence and participation in European and International Committees, Industry Seminars and Conferences.

Specifically, OPAP is a Member of the following Associations:


The World Lottery Association/ WLA, which was formed in 1999, after the merger of two International Lottery Associations: INTERTOTO and AILE. The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a member-based organization to advance the interests of State-authorized Lotteries.The Association consists of some 152 State-authorized Lotteries from more than 80 countries on 6 continents that are full Members and of numerous Associate Members from the supplier industry worldwide. All Members have the obligation to adhere to strict standards of Social Responsibility and Responsible Gaming, as well as to dedicate the majority of their revenues to good causes. OPAP is a regular member of the INTERTOTO since 1964 and one of the founding Members of the WLA.

In the context of promoting Responsible Gaming, OPAP and Hellenic Lotteries were awarded the WLA Responsible Gaming Certificate Level 4, which is the highest level of Responsible Gaming Certification globally.




The European State Lotteries and Toto Association/ European Lotteries (EL), which is the European Association umbrella of State or State-licensed Companies operating Games of Chance, with 74 full Members in 43 countries and 31 Associate Members from the supplier industry. The mission of the European Lotteries isto promote the sound and sustainable gaming model for the benefit of society, based on the values of precaution, solidarity and integrity. The Members of the European Lotteries adopted, during the General Assembly of the Association in Budapest on the 24thof May 2007, the European Responsible Gaming Standards and the Sports Betting Code of Conduct, signed also by OPAP, as a regular member of the Association since 1991.

Recently, the Statement of Alignment with the EL Responsible Gaming Standards was granted to OPAP for its true dedication to consistently build RG principles in its strategy and operation and to ensure a safe environment for its players.


The EL Sport Committee was formed in January 2012, after the merger of the European Lotteries and the European Lotteries Sports (ELS), the former Incorporated Association of the European Lotteries, which was a Member service body for the regulatedSports Betting business, working in close cooperation with the European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association. The EL Sports' predecessor was the European Football Pools (EFP), which had the task of participating in the UEFA Intertoto CUP and was a long-standing partner of the UEFA. Today, the EL Sport Committee aims at maintaining a common policy for Sports Betting among the Members of the European Lotteries, as well as representing their interests towards FIFA, UEFA and other National and International Football Associations. OPAP has had a constant presence in the EFP and the ELS Board of Directors, as one of the leading companies in the Gaming Sector. Today, OPAP has a permanent representation in the Sport Committee's Working Group.


The Global Lottery Monitoring System/ GLMS:

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) is as a non-profit Association, mandated by the world lottery community to monitor Sports Betting activities for irregular betting patterns,in an effort to combat corruption in sports. The impetus to establish such a monitoring system came through a joint effort of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the EuropeanLotteries (EL) in 2012. The Global Lottery Monitoring System implements the most up-to-date technology, offering its Members global coverage on Sports Betting activities, service around the clock 365 days a year, and automatic alerts on live betting.  The Global Lottery Monitoring System held its inaugural General Assembly in 21 January 2015, in Brussels and OPAP actively participated, as OPAP is one of the founding Members of GLMS.

In the link below, you will be able to watch a 7-minute video which explains the "Who, Why and How of GLMS"


OPAP organizes International Events in Greece:

After 2000, OPAP has developed an even more dedicated activity in the international arena, since it has organized Conferences and Seminars in co-operation with European and International Organizations and Associations.Specifically,OPAP has organized:

•          the European Lotteries ExCom Meeting  (10-11 September 2001, in Athens),

•           the European Lotteries Sports Betting Working Group Meeting (25-27 April 2002, in Athens),

•          the joint European Lotteries/World Lottery Association Sports Betting Seminar (11-14 May 2003, in Athens),

•          the European Lotteries ExComMeeting (25-26 September 2006, in Nafplio, Peloponnese),

•          the European Lotteries Legal Affairs Seminar (25-27 October 2006, in Thessaloniki),

•          the World Lottery Association Convention & Trade Show 2008 (19 - 24 October 2008, in the island of Rhodes - more info to be found below),

•          the European Lotteries University – ELU, (4 – 9 September 2011, in Chania, Crete),

•          the Workshop in collaboration with the European Lotteries and IRIS(the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations) on "National networks in the E.U. to fight against match-fixing", (6 May 2014, in Athens, -more info to be found below).



WLA Convention and Trade Show, Rhodes, 19-24 October 2008

As part of its activity in the sector's international environment, OPAP organized with great success, the WLA Convention and Trade Show, which was held in Rhodes on October 19-24, 2008.

The biennial WLA Convention and Trade Show is considered to be one of the most important events in the Gaming Industry globally. The successful hosting of OPAP and the flawless organization of the WLA Convention and Trade Show in 2008, were recognized worldwide, as more than 1,200 delegates from all over the world participated actively and enjoyed the hospitality of OPAP.  

During the WLA Convention and Trade Show 2008, with the theme "Sharing the Values of Fortune", the participants exchanged views and ideas and received information on the gaming developments and innovations, on a worldwide scale. Particular emphasis was given in sustainable development issues, business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.


OPAP organizes a Workshop on the fight of the phenomenon of match-fixing, Athens, 06/05/2014

Having full awareness of the risks connected with the match-fixing phenomenon, OPAP in cooperation with the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations – IRIS, organized on Tuesday, 6th of May 2014, a workshop with the title: "National networks in the E.U to fight against match-fixing". The workshop was organized in the context of a European Programme, supported by the European Committee and the European Lotteries (EL). For the first time organized in Greece, this  event's objectives were to raise awareness and inform national and sports authorities about the phenomenon of match-fixing, to identify best practices concerning the coordinated fight of the phenomenon at national level, as well as to promote the dialogue for the purpose of further cooperation among national and sports authorities.  

The workshop was attended by more than 35 participants representing Regulators, Sport and Government Bodies, the Police, the Public Prosecution and of course OPAP. Additionally, Greek and internationalspeakers, referred to the extent of the phenomenon, placing importance on the need for training and education of athletes. Last but not least, they referred to the risks that illegal betting poses, as well as the need for existence of explicit penal and disciplinary sanctions, and mostly of the need for coordination and cooperation both at international and national level.