Extension of new policy for payment limits applied to winnings due to banking restrictions

Responding to the new circumstances from banking restrictions during this period and aiming at the better service of OPAP customers and the network of agents, the duration of the limits applied to payments of winnings is extended (until further notice) and following approval by the HGC, as follows:

The increased limit on cash payment continues to apply (for OPAP S.A. and Hellenic Lotteries S.A.)

1. For gross winnings beforetax ofup to 199,99 EUR, payment is made in cash

2. For 200-1.500 EUR gross winnings before tax, payment is made in the following alternative ways:

a. in cash (without the right to receive acknowledgement of winnings), or

b. in case the winner wishes to receive acknowledgement of winnings, winnings are paid with a payment order issued by a bank or through the new procedure of payment of winnings to the bankaccountsof beneficiariesthat extraordinarily applies from 7/7/2015 (more information on https://corporate.opap.gr/en/oria).

3. For amounts above 1.500,01 EUR, payment will be made exclusively according to what is described in paragraph 2b.