Athletes – former members of the OPAP Champions program will always be part of our family and OPAP's history. OPAP is particularly proud of the athletes to have participated in the program and have evolved along with it. They are not just athletes, but rather role models to Greek society, who constantly try to overcome any difficulty, representing our values and making us proud with their progress.

Let's get to know them better!


Panagiotis Trivizas

Track & Field

To me, effort means to fight everyday to get higher. To not see a limit to what you want to achieve. To not think the difficulties over. Besides, the way to the top is never easy


Grigoris Souvatzoglou


To my mind, effort means to surpass yourself, when training, working or facing everyday challenges. Competitions just confirm this daily effort.


Αlexios Ιwakeimidis


Effort is not just a 6-letter word. Effort constitutes a vital means to satisfy personal wishes and targets. Targets that are not easily attained without hard work.


Konstantinos Kotsovos


To me, effort means everything one does to get better at what he loves.


Konstantinos Galanopoulos


To me, there are three keywords for success: patience, perseverance and effort!


Giorgos Kalaitzakis


To me, effort equals sacrifices, fight and passion!


Gabriella Charalampidi


Effort means tenacity and will. Effort means fighting.


Alex Antetokounmpo


Do not let a moment, training and day pass without trying. Every day through effort you can become even 1% better..

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