Nikos Papangelis


My name is Nikos Papangelis, and I was born in the city of Rio, Patras, on 23 July 1999. I decided to participate in high performance sports right after I was diagnosed with cancer, which led to my left leg being amputated.
My highest achievement took place in 2018, when I won the 3rd place in the 2018 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup in Emmen, The Netherlands. The most intense moment in my sports career was at the world cup in the Netherlands, when I crossed the finish line and realized I had just won my first medal at an international level, as well as the medal award ceremony.
I have never thought about quitting high-performance sports. Naturally, there are tough days, but it has never crossed my mind. This is what makes me feel complete as a human being, and what has helped me get over all the difficult times.
My biggest dream is to win a medal in the Para-Olympics, as well as a World Cup.
Initially, I would like to thank OPAP for the honor to have me included in the OPAP Champions team. I feel really lucky and blessed for having been given the chance to team up with OPAP. It is important to have people supporting you, especially in such difficult times. I am sure this cooperation will bring me a step closer to my dreams and goals.

"Trying means going the extra mile, regardless of the difficulties that stand in your way"


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Achievements and records
  •  2nd place European Road Cycling Championship. Endurance and individual timing
  •  3rd place World Cup road cycling Individual timing and endurance
  •  3rd place Road Cycling World Cup. Resistance. America  
  •  5th place World Road Cycling Championships Endurance Glasgow  
  •  6th place World Road Cycling Championships Individual time trial Glasgow  

Schedule 2024




BELGIUM, 2-5 May


PARIS, 28-09 August - September


SWITZERLAND, 22-29 September