Korina Politi

Track and Field

I was born on the island of Lefkada, on 20 December 1995, where I grew up.
When I was 18, I moved to Athens to study Physical Education and become professionally involved in athletics.
My involving with athletics started when I was a little kid. When I was 14, I took part in my first 100-200m races. However, a few years ago, following my trainer’s suggestion, I started competing in 400m and enjoyed one of my biggest achievements, winning the M/W National Track & Field Championship.
I have many intense moments in mind... The one that was the most touching of all was my winning the 200m race in 2020, while competing in the M/W Indoor Cup. I had been very committed in working towards my goals, and so I saw my efforts pay off.
Despite all the difficulties I came across throughout all these years, none of them ever made me think about quitting sports. The unprecedented situation we are all faced with due to COVID-19 made me have to handle situations I have never handled before. We have lost what is self-evident. Stadiums are closed, races no longer take place. For us, sports came to an abrupt end.
My personal goal is to become better by the day and constantly improve my performance. To participate in the European Teams’ Championship.
My dream is to participate in the 4X400 race in the Tokyo Olympic Games.
My teaming up with OPAP is a blessing. I feel the support of having a second family. In times of uncertainty, it is extremely important to have people supporting you and becoming your source of power.

"Trying means having the persistence-patience and faith in one's dreams"


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Achievements and records
  •  3rd Place, National Championship, 400m, 2021
  •  1st place, 2020 M/W National Championship, 400m
  •  1st place, 2020 M/W National Indoor Track & Field Championship, 200m
  •   9th place, 2019 European Teams’ Championship, 4X400
  •  1st place, 2018 M/W Balkan Championship, 4X100
  •  14th place, 2018, European Track & Field Championship, 4X100

Competition Schedule 2021-2022



European Championship

11-14 August 2022, Germany