Katerina Divari


My name is Katerina Divari, and I was born in Athens, on 8 March 2000. In summer 2009, at the age of 9, my father and I decided to try windsurfing.
Ever since that day, my enthusiasm and love for this sport goes unchanged. I have always put all of my energy there, and never stopped trying for the best. When I won my first international title, I was extremely happy to watch my efforts pay off, and my motivation to keep going became even bigger.
One of the most intense moments was when I was qualified for the Olympic Games, in a period where the pandemic made everything unpredictable. There have been rough times and disappointments, but what has always mattered to me was the journey, not the destination.
I am happy about my cooperation with OPAP. In challenging times, I feel grateful for having people supporting me and taking an interest in me so that I can compete on a high level, representing Greece.

"Trying means going always above and beyond and fighting till the end, regardless of the outcome"


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Achievements and records
  •  Participation in the Olympic Games 2020, TOKYO
  •  2nd place, European RS Championship: X (women) U21 Vilamoura, Portugal 2020
  •  5th place, 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  •  2nd place , Bic Techno 291 Plus European Championships, Sardinia, Italy
  •  1st place, 2016 Cyprus, RS:X U17 World Windsurfing Championships




iQFOIL International Games

Lake Garda, Italy Championships

Princesa Sofia

Palma de Mallorca, Spain