Giannis Kyriazis


My name is Giannis Kyriazis and I was born in Athens on 19 January 1996. I started doing sports when I was 4 years old and I engaged in gymnastics. When I was about 7 years old I got into track and field, while when I was 16 I took up javelin in particular. To this day, I am proud of many successes in my sports career, but the ones that mainly stand out are the two national records and the 6th place in the Men’s World Championship. This year I will finish my studies in the US and return to Greece and to my family.

“Effort is an action which requires from you to invest time and hard work so as to attain a specific target.”


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  •  6th place in Men’s World Championship
  •  2nd place in Men’s European Championship
  •  4th place in Balkan Youth Championship
  •  1st place in College Championship, USA
  •  1st place in U23 National Championship