Evangelia Anastasiadou

My name is Evangelia Anastasiadou and I was born in Kastoria, on 16 March 2002. I started as a track and field athlete when I was 7, but later on, I became fascinated with rowing. At the age of 15, I won my first gold medal in a national cup. I took part in my first world-rowing race when I was 17, winning the 6th place in the World Rowing Junior/U19 Championships. The best achievements were to take place afterwards, when I won the European Rowing U23 Championships. Every great athlete's dream is to participate in the Olympic Games; and so is mine. Despite my young age (19), I am after my qualification for the Olympic Games. There have been many times when I thought about giving up on my dream, due to the strenuous training; none of them has been challenging enough to make me do it. I feel grateful for having OPAP supporting my effort every step of the way. I am delighted to be part of the OPAP Champions Team, and their support is a great motivational force for the future, because it is extremely important to know that there are people acknowledging the effort you make.

"Trying means being fully committed to one's dream. The bigger the goal the greater the effort one has to put in"


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Achievements and records
  •  Gold medal, 2020 European Rowing U23 Championships (skiff event)
  •  6th place, 2019 World Rowing Junior/U19 Championships
  •  6th place, 2019 European Rowing U23 Championships
  •  2 silver medals, 2019 Balkan Rowing Championships in double and quadruple sculls events
  •  3 golden medals, 2020 National Rowing U23 and Junior Cups