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You experience this Euro better at an OPAP agency

·         All games live at agencies

·         Over 130 choices per game

·         Immediate collection of winnings!

The greatest hour of European Football has come! On Friday 10 June 2016, the footballing festival of the summer begins at French stadiums, the 2016 European Championship, and the 4.500 OPAP agencies are the number one destination for players.

The new communication campaign of OPAP "Better at an agency" calls all players to visit one of the agencies with their friends and experience this European Championship undistracted, together with the biggest betting team. Preparation is hectic and as in all big events the heart of the European Championship will beat at OPAP agencies. In these, players will watch games live, they will be in the thick of sporting developments and have a numerous betting options in Pame Stoixima.

You bet, watch matches live and are enjoy immediate payout!

The new Pame Stoixima coupon for the 2106 European Championship offers player long term special bets per group: for the winner, the runner-up, the third and fourth placed teams and for the qualifying combination (1st-2nd). Also, at team level, there are betting choices for top scorer, total goals and points. At the same time, there are special bets for the winner of the competition, participation in the final, the semi-finals and the quarter finals, top scorer, the team that scores the most goals and the total number of goals and cards.

There are more than 130 choices per game! For the first time in European Championship finals, OPAP offers special bets:

For cards:Total red cards in a match, the home and away side, the total yellow cards in the first half, Under/Over for yellow cards, the minute the first card will be shown, the team with the most yellows.

For corners:Total corners in a match and the first half, the first corner, the team that wins the most corners in a match and the in the second half, corner with advantage, minute of first corner.

For off-sides:Exact number of offside decisions, total off-sides in a match and the first half, team to concede the most offside decisions, first team to be charged with offside.

For throw-ins:Total throw-ins of a match and the first half, the minute of the first throw-in, the team to win the first throw-in.

For goal kicks:Total number of goal kicks in the first half, the minute of the first goal kick, the team to win the first goal kick.

For penalties:Total penalties in a match, for the home and away sides.

For the final result:Combination of Under/Over 1.5 and Under/Over 3.5, with Under/Over 1.5 in the first half, with goal and no goal, with the first team to score.

For stoppage time:Stoppage time in the first and second half.

For other special bets:First to occur (throw-in, goal kick, free kick, corner, goal), what will occur first (goal, yellow card, half-time), which team will kick off, the goalkeeper to touch the ball first.