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LAIKO LOTTERY draws70 % more winners

The number following the last one also wins


The Laiko Lottery becomes ever more attractive as it gives the possibility for a 70% in the number of its winners. Hellenic Lotteries S.A. includes in the list of winnings the number following the last one of each draw, increasing this way the number of winners, as well as the number of the amount distributed.

More specifically, if the last number that results out of the first draw is for example, 5, then the next number following this one, i.e. 6  (5 + 1),  also distributes profits. As it is known, the last number winning in each draw offers 20 Euros to the player. With this additional opportunity, the players who have the next number following the last one, will win in this draw 10 Euros each. 

Since the beginning of the year, 31 JACKPOTS have taken place in the 39 draws of the Laiko Lottery, while 43 million Euros in total have been distributed to winners. On Tuesday, October 6th, the quadruple JACKPOT of the Laiko Lottery distributes 4.100.000 Euros.