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"OPAP tomorrow": Making OPAP an icon corporate entity in the Greek business and social arena

At a Press Conference held today, Tuesday 29 April 2014, the company's new management team met with the press and presented "OPAP tomorrow", the vision of making OPAP an icon corporate entity in the Greek business and social arena.  OPAP's tomorrow involves the making of a great company, the largest taxpayer and social contributor in Greece, even greater for the benefit of all.


Mr. Kamil Ziegler, Chairman of the BoD and CEO, and Mr. Petr Matejovsky, CMO presented a set of clearly defined values and principles that define the company's philosophy and mark its path for the future through growth and efficiency. Growth will come through flexibility and innovation both in terms of business practice as well as in terms of product development focusing on real market needs. Efficiency internally in order to create the best workplace for the best professionals and externally, in order to effectively manage sports sponsorships while building the basis for the future of Greek sports.


OPAP presented the top business priorities that include: the In-Store Live Betting that will leverage the agents' network, the new Instant Win game that will enter OPAP into a new market segment, the VLTs network that will reach new audiences and the Online Betting that will improve customers' experience.  Those growth initiatives will be delivered with OPAP's commitment to best-in-class responsible gaming practices and will contribute to the company's successful performance, thus enabling the company to give even more back to the Greek economy and society.


The presentation's highlight was OPAP's new CSR strategy that enables the company to covert its business excellence to social contribution by meeting large scale social needs. The new CSR strategy addresses real needs of the Greek society and is primarily focused on Youth evolving around three distinct pillars: Health, Sport and Employment.  More specifically, under the Health pillar, OPAP plans to undertake therenovation of the country's two major Children Hospitals, Aghia Sofia and Aglaia Kyriakou. Under the pillar of Sports, OPAP will support 250 Football Academies with sports equipment, training of coaches and staff as well as educational programs for children and parents.  Finally, under the pillar of Employment, OPAP intends to help young people acquire skills, know-how or experience in order to fight unemployment and build their own future.


Mr. Kamil Ziegler, Chairman of the BoD and CEO, stated: "We are working with a focus on tomorrow and on our vision of making OPAP an icon corporate entity in the Greek business and social arena.  We want to make OPAP an internationally competitive company, operating efficiently and successfully on best market standards and practices. This way we will be able to translate our success into more contribution to the Greek economy and have a major positive impact on the lives of as many young people as possible in Greek society by addressing its real needs, year after year."


Mr. Petr Matejovsky, CMO, added: "We are determined to continue leading the market through continuous innovation, always improving our existing products and expanding our product portfolio through new launches that will grow our business, benefit our agent network and offer new experiences to our customers. Honoring OPAP's unique brand value and heritage we aim to excel in the very challenging future which lies ahead of us".