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March starts with impressive profits! More than 3 million Euros for Jackpot's big winner.


A new millionaire and many more winners were the result of the first Joker draw for March. The big Joker winner won an impressive 3.104.731,65Euros, after 8draws in a row with no first prize tier winner.

Jokeralsodistributedthe amount of210.983,76 € to 3 lucky winners of Tier 2.

In total, the first draw for March distributed the amount of 3.603.616,41 € to 103.608 winners.

The next draw of Thursday March 6th will distribute at least 600.000 € tothe lucky winners of Tier 1.

HugeprofitsareexpectedforPROTOaswell, afteraseriesofdraws without a first prize tier winner. Morethan480.000 € are waiting for this year's first PROTO winner in the next draw.

We set our date in OPAP agencies for March for even more JOKERand PROTO lucky winners.