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750.000 euros is the new LOTTO's jackpot which is going to be distributed on Saturday's Jan. 4Th, 2014 draw. LOTTO is seeking for its first big winner of the year, after its 8 first prize tier winners during the past year. Totally, in 2013, LOTTO distributed  26.671.221,71 euros.

The 750.000 euros jackpot on Saturday's Ian. 4Th, 2014 draw, is a very good reason to play LOTTO. But it is not the only one. LOTTO has proved that it distributes significant profits in every draw. After 104 draws, in 2013, the results are impressive:

14.321.070,21 euros were distributed to the 8 winners of the 1st prize tier (6)

2.450.000 euros were distributed to the 49 winners of the 2nd prize tier (5+1)

3.210.000 euros were distributed to the 2.140 winners of the 3rd prize tier (5)

3.523.020 euros were distributed to the 117.434 winners of the 4th prize tier (4)

3.167.131,50 euros were distributed to the 2.111.421 winners of the 5th prize tier (3)


During 2013, LOTTO totally distributed  26.671.221,71 euros.

Last year, LOTTO proved, once more, that it always distributes significant profits.

750.000 euros is already waiting for the first jackpot's winner of the year.

So, we set a date in OPAP agencies.