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Impressive presence of OPAP S.A. and Team OPAP in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

Hundreds of people visited OPAP's S.A. Booth, the Grand Sponsor of 31st Athens Classic Marathon and among them were the three big winners from Kenya, Yiego Kipkogey, Kimeli Dikson and David Kiprorir. The three athletes were awarded by the Vice President of OPAP S.A., Mr. Spyros Fokas, who pointed out that: "OPAP is a timeless supporter of the Greek culture and sport. It fully supports the International Marathon of Athens highlighting our country's culture and history.

Team OPAP had an impressive presence in the 31st Marathon. It participated for the first time with 500 runners in the Road Races of 5 and 10 kilometers, and also in the historical route of 42 kilometers, with main goal the creation of a modern, European, open Sports Park for all the citizens of Athens. Team OPAP run for "good for all" and its presence was powerful due to the amount of participations and the enthusiasm of its members, who gave a festive character to this great celebration of sports, history and culture. A really good performance had the 55 children runners of team OPAP, who in the child race of 1 kilometer managed to finish in good positions.

Children, young people and older ones, participated in OPAP's S.A. actions "Focus on your goal", a concentration game and "The Face of Victory", an instant photo, which was ‘'capturing'' every visitor at the moment of the Marathon's finish line.

In OPAP's Booth the sports, the participation and the game were the winners. For OPAP everybody was a winner.




Note: photos have been uploaded to Athens News Agency for free use by the mass media.