Press Releases OPAP


Peristeri, July 30, 2010
The Board of Directors of OPAP SA decided to call for an international tender regarding the provision of new gaming systems, infrastructure, gaming operation, and the respective support services as well as the installation and transition from its current to the new system. OPAP SA has started the process of selecting technical and legal advisors, who will assist OPAP SA in organizing the evaluation process and publishing the relevant RFP.
The Board of Directors of OPAP SA has additionally decided to extend the contract with Intralot’s consortium for one additional year, while aligning this extension with OPAP SA business plan to achieve the following objectives:
·        uninterrupted OPAP’s operation
·        Enhance OPAP’s growth with the provision of modern services to our clients
·        enrich the content and number of games offered
·        upgrade agency functionality
·        reduce operating costs
OPAP SA in case it will be necessary and in order to secure the transition from the current to a new system provider while securing current Operations, has secured a unilateral option,  to extend the contract with Intralot’s Consortium for an additional year.
The terms of the contract are as follows:
·        Intralot will provide technical support services, maintenance and operation of the existing infrastructure of OPAP SA and its agents, as previously provided under the 31.07.2007 contract.
·        Intralot will upgrade the infrastructure of the existing systems and will provide any necessary additional equipment required for (a) the proper operation and availability for the existing games of OPAP and (b) new applications / systems, including games performed through TAX (autonomous terminals)and Monitor Games. Intralot will also undertake the technical support services, maintenance and operation of the upgraded and of the new equipment.
·        Intralot will provide equipment to upgrade OPAP SA agency operations (20.000 LHMC, 10.000 32” televisions and 10,000 26” televisions and the respective installation services) and will be responsible for the development, deployment and operation of this equipment within the context of the LOTOS HORIZON digital signage application.
·        Intralot will develop, install and operate the system OPAP / TV, which will support the broadcast of OPAP specific content, via satellite and Internet (WebTV)  exclusively to OPAP agencies. Intralot's obligation is to supply the necessary equipment (5500 decoders, channel satellite link, studio use) and installation in OPAP agencies. OPAP / TV will broadcast a 12-hour television program exclusively through its network.
·        Intralot will provide the necessary licenses either directly or through third party vendors, install, and in collaboration with OPAP organize and maintain throughout the duration of the contract, 20 direct draw games, which will operate in autonomous terminals (TAX), which will be installed gradually under OPAP’s direction.
·        Intralot will provide the necessary licenses either directly or through third party vendors, install, and in collaboration with OPAP organize and maintain throughout the duration of the contract, five Monitor Games, which will operate under the LOTOS Horizon system.
·        Intralot based on the design and operational requirements OPAP will design, develop, operate and maintain throughout the contract period, the Portal (internet, extranet, CRM, workflow, CMS, document management) of OPAP SA.
Regarding sports betting services Intralot will provide to OPAP:
·        Program Production and Bet Acceptance by in sourcing experienced staff in OPAP SA facilities.
·        Assistance in new product development (early odds in soccer as well as odds in additional sports events).
·        Assisting in program construction and yields for Live betting for up to 20 events on average per week, and the introduction of these results into OPAP systems and operations.
·        Participation in various types of analysis and planning, by providing two senior executives at the disposal of OPAP SA.
Intralot, shall in any case have the operational readiness to undertake betting services on behalf of OPAP, if and where it will be required for emergency reasons.
For all above services, OPAP will pay an annual fixed fee of EUR 57 million (plus corresponding VAT) in 12 equal monthly installments.
Furthermore, Intralot will receive an additional annual fee, which represents 8% of the gross proceeds of the new games carried out by TAX and Monitor Games, the installation of which - as mentioned before - will be entirely at Intralot’s expense.
Furthermore OPAP has secured the following at no additional cost:
·        Perpetual license to use (License without time limitation) of the software LOTOS O/S (including relevant sub-systems).
·        Perpetual license to use, of the software for the Data Warehouse and OPAP Portal, which will be developed by Intralot, independently of the operation of LOTOS O/S and contract expiration. OPAP has the option and Intralot the obligation to provide the necessary tools, training and documentation so OPAP personnel can undertake the development, maintenance and support of this software.
·        Intralot will provide the proper protocols (APIs) to connect third-party systems with LOTOS O/S, in accordance with international practices, while OPAP will ensure compliance of technical and other issues by third parties regarding the implementation of such connection / interface.
·        Finally, deliverables under the 2007 contract that have not been either accepted or exercised by OPAP till this date will continue to be an obligation of Intralot under the current agreement.