Apostolos Christou


My name is Apostolos Christou and I was born in Athens, on 1 November 1996. I have a younger brother, Giannis, who is also engaged in swimming. I started swimming when I was 7, just to learn how to swim and take up a bit of sports. I didn’t like it at first, and it took me a lot of time to get used to it, but as time went by I started growing fond of the sport more and more. So, I have never stopped swimming since I was 7. During these 15 years, I have faced many difficulties and, on many occasions, I thought that I would not make it, either due to the circumstances, or the pressure, or the daily fatigue competitive sports entail. However, I always found the strength in me to carry on with even more resilience and will. The achievement of which I am most proud is winning the gold medal in the 2013 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships in Dubai, in 100m backstroke.

“To me, effort is a daily struggle to overcome all problems. Effort is the beginning for success.”


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  •  3rd place in European Championship (25m), in Kazan, 100m Backstroke, 2021
  •  5th Place 50m and 100m Backstroke, World Championship, Budapest
  •  1st Place 50m Backstroke, European Championship, Rome
  •  2nd Place 100m Backstroke, European Championship, Rome
  •  1st Place National Championship in 4 individual and 5 team events
  •  National Records in 50m, 100m and 200m Backstroke

Competition Schedule 2023




FUKUOKA 13th July 2023


18-19 February 2023