Tender Anouncements



OPAP S.A. invites all interested parties to submit their bids for the procurement and the printing of thermal paper rolls (top coated) with special specifications, necessary to issue receipts via thermal printers of point of sales terminals located in OPAP S.A's agencies.


The procurement will be awarded to one and up to three (3) Contractors. The candidate offering the most advantageous bid will be the main Contractor and will supply the Company with minimum 500.000 rolls. In case of a second or / and third contractor, they will supply the Company with minimum 300.000 rolls each.


Τhe candidates must receive the full issue of Tender by selecting the link below:


Alternativelythey can get the RFP from the procurement department of OPAP SA by an authorized representative or courier, who must have all company's details, working hours from 8:30 to 15:30.


The bids must be submitted as provided in the Open Tender Procedure to the procurement department of OPAP SA, L. Kifissou 62, Peristeri, 12132, Attiki, until Friday 30 May2014, at 15.30.


Any inquiries regarding this procedure must be submitted by e-mail to the address panti@opap.gr quoting the reference number, not later than Thursday 15 May 2014. All candidates will be notified by email of the responses by Tuesday 20 May 2014.