Giorgos Kalaitzakis


My name is Giorgos Kalaitzakis and I was born on 2 January 1999 in Irakleio, Crete. I engaged into sports when I was 8 years old, taking up swimming first. When I was 13, though, basketball won me over! I think my father was the one who kindled this fire in me, as he was a former basketball player. I started off my career in Irakleio team, where I played along with my twin brother. When I was 15 years old, we were both transferred to Aris, so the whole family moved to Thessaloniki. I played for Aris for one year and, after a good season, I was transferred to Panathinaikos, the team I admired since I was young and the team where I still play. The fact that I am part of one of the biggest basketball clubs in Europe is my greatest achievement to this day. In addition, playing while bearing the national emblem on my chest makes me feel very proud.

“To me, effort equals sacrifices, fight and passion!”


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  •  Participation in the National Team as of the age of 14
  •  Transfer to Panathinaikos
  •  Best five-man lineup in the World School Championship
  •  Greek Championship with Panathinaikos in 2018
  •  Best five-man lineup in the Adidas Next Generation Tournament