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The Laiko (Popular) Lottery handed out more than 3,400,000 Euros in March

In March, Laiko (“Popular”) Lottery handed out winnings of 3,444,560 Euros in five draws. Four lucky players from Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Herakleion of Crete won 100,000 Euros each, as they were the winners of the guaranteed prize that is definitely drawn to a Popular (Laiko) Lottery player each week. Moreover, a lucky player won 80,500 Euros.

Winnings in minor tiers are as follows:

  • 3 lucky players won 25,000 Euros each
  • 20 lucky players won 5,000 Euros each
  • 317 lucky players won 1,000 Euros each
  • 847 lucky players won 200 Euros each
  • 74,028 lucky players won 20 Euros each
  • 82,210 lucky players won 10 Euros each

Laiko is available via vendors and at OPAP agencies all over Greece. The draw is conducted every Tuesday at 20:40 and is broadcasted live on ANT1 TV.