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With “OPAP Contribution Squad” we are all becoming one team for the children

For the 5th consecutive year people participate in an interactive application and OPAP contributes by renovating the two children’s hospitals “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”

In the framework of the 36th Athens Authentic Marathon, OPAP invites everyone for the 5th consecutive year to participate free of charge in the “OPAP Contribution Squad” app and contribute to the renovation of children’s hospitals “Aghia Sofia” and “Panagioti & Aglaias Kyriakou”.

Via the “OPAP Contribution Squad” application which everyone can download for free on their mobile telephones or tablet computers ( Google Play and App Store), they can participate in challenges that gradually “unlock” leading up to the day of the Marathon. The more one plays, the more OPAP will increase the amount that will be invested in the renovation of the children’s hospitals, which is only part of the OPAP’s total contribution to the project.

Anyone who wants to join the “OPAP Contribution Squad”, has to take the following simple steps:

· Download the app

· Play the challenges

· OPAP will contribute

Anyone can accumulate points, which are increasing by answering the “Quiz” and “Do You Know?” questions correctly, jumping over hurdles and collecting hearts in the “Jump” and “Fast Run” games, spotting differences in the “Spot it” challenge”, running virtual courses in “My Runner” and “Run the race” games. Anyone can join a team or create their own, further increasing OPAP’s contribution. Moreover, everyone wins a Daily Bonus if they open the application on a daily basis.

The renovation of the two children’s hospitals continues dynamically

Last year's actions resulted to the generation of 3,642,845 euros in the form of virtual contributions, which OPAP automatically converted into financial support. This amount was used for the complete renovation of the Day Care Unit and the Central Sterilization of the “Aghia Sophia” hospital, as well as the 2nd Pediatric Nursing Unit of the “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou” hospital.

In the context of its Corporate Responsibility program, OPAP has completed 50% of the renovation of the two largest children’s hospitals of the country from 2014 to date. In total, 22 renovation projects, including 15 nursing units covering a total area of 9,230 square meters with a 321 beds’ capacity, have been delivered.

OPAP invites everyone to embrace this action and take part in the “OPAP Contribution Squad” by downloading the application that is available on Google Store and App Store. Because for the children we all one team!

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