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Hellenic Lotteries S.A., a company of OPAP S.A. presents its first product, the instant win game SCRATS

Peristeri, 07/05/2014




Hellenic Lotteries S.A., a company of OPAP S.A.

presents its  first product, the instant win game SCRATS


 SCRATS brings in the Greek market the 2nd most successful games category internationally and is expected to contribute to the growth of Hellenic Lotteries and its distribution network

 With the message "Luck in an instant", Hellenic Lotteries, a company of OPAP S.A. held today, May 7th 2014, the official presentation of the new instant win game SCRATS, at a press conference that took place at The Hub Events. SCRATS is the result of the cooperation of three leading companies: OPAP S.A., SGI and Intralot and it was created to bring to the players what they have been asking for. A new fun game, simple to play, which gives frequent wins since 1 out of 4 players is a winner. At the same time SCRATS meets the highest technological and reliability standards, in the context of OPAP S.A. responsible gaming. 

SCRATS tickets by OPAP are already available since May 1st at OPAP agencies and have already become a new favorite among players. SCRATS is also available by stickmen and at kiosks as well as other points of sale, such as mini-markets.  An indicative fact of SCRATS' success and consumers' positive response is that in just six days (and while its distribution hasn't been concluded yet), 260.000 winners have already been found! SCRATS is available in four different editions: 1€, 2€, 3€ and 5€, with profits reaching 10.000€, 100.000€, 200.00€ and 500.000€, respectively.

Mr. Petr Matejovsky, CMO, Hellenic Lotteries S.A. stated: "We are very pleased to announce the launch of our first game according to our plan and we are even more pleased with the positive messages we receive about it's enthusiastic acceptance. SCRATS belongs in the 2nd most successful games category internationally and Hellenic Lotteries has invested significantly on its support, since it will constitute one of the main pillars of the company's and our distribution network partners' growth. Hellenic Lotteries has invested on the three companies' superiority and expertise: SGI on security and printing systems, Intralot on data processing and OPAP S.A. is one of the strongest brands in Greece with an impeccable record regarding responsible gaming practices. This allows us to offer a new experience of fun and instant win for our customers.

Mrs. Anastasia Pliarchou, Head of Marketing for Lotteries at OPAP S.A. presented the new product's features, the communication plan at the points of sale, as well as the ad campaign, with an exclusive projection of the TV ad (airing on May 9th). During the press conference, attendants had the opportunity to experience the new game by "scratching" various tickets specially designed for the event and see how the new game can change their mood in an instant, with frequent small or bigger wins, like having a coffee or dinner with friends or a trip to a close or far away destination.




About Hellenic Lotteries S.A.

Hellenic Lotteries S.A. a company of OPAP Group, holds the exclusive right of production, operation, circulation, promotion and management of all State Lotteries, such as Laiko, Ethniko, First Year, as well as Instant State Lottery-SKRATS, with concession contract for 12 years. Hellenic Lotteries S.A. is a consortium among three leading companies in the field of lucky games and lottery: OPAP S.A., Scientific Games Int'l and Intralot S.A.




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OPAPs' portfolio of successful and popular game brands (KINO, PAME STOIXIMA, JOKER, LOTTO, PROTO, PROPO, EXTRA 5, SUPER 3) not only led the company's impressive growth, but also became a funding source of its ever expanding social contribution; a contribution that is annually translated into essential intervention projects with tangible results towards Society as a whole, granting OPAP a leading position among corporate social champions in Greece.



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Scientific Games

Scientific Games is a partner uniquely qualified to maximize the potential of the instant lottery market in Greece.  Beginning with a 40-year history in a category invented by Scientific Games, the company has consistently created growth and profit for 300 lottery customers and partners in more than 50 countries.  Driven by best practices in marketing, technology, printing, security and ecommerce, Scientific Games combines a culture of innovation with unmatched management experience across disciplines.

The company develops products, services and marketing solutions that are specific to each client's needs, supported by technology and customer service which set the standards of the industry.