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This weekend, JOKER, LOTTO and PROTO are promising even bigger profits. At their last draws, no first prize tier winners were found. Furthermore, JOKER's 3.000.000 euros bonus is still seeking for its big winner.

On Sunday's Jan. 12th 2014 draw, JOKER's jackpot has reached 800.000 euros. The jackpot's winner may also go for the 3.000.000 euros bonus.

The way to do that is simple:

All five playslip's fields have to be marked. There also has to be at least one participation in PROTO, at the same palyslip.

The bonus goes to the JOKER's jackpot winner if his PROTO's participation has the same final digit with the PROTO's lucky number of the same draw.

PROTO also distributes significant profits by itself. On Sunday's Jan. 12th 2014 draw, PROTO's jackpot is up to 150.000 euros. But it is not only this. Lower categories also distribute noticeable profits. On Thursday's Jan. 9th 2014 draw, the winner of the second prize tier played half a euro (0,5 euros) and earned 25.000 euros!

In 2013, PROTO had 91 second prize tier winners after 104 draws. They totally won 2.275.000 euros.

Finally, on Saturday's Jan. 11th 2014 draw, LOTTO's jackpot is up to 950.000 euros.

Jackpots in all three games (LOTTO, JOKER, PROTO) and JOKER's bonus are promising a… weekend of profits. Set a date in OPAP agencies.