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One Company, Thousands of Kisses, Good for all!

One Company, Thousands of Kisses, Good for all! ….

50.000 kisses from citizens, 100.000 euros for Orphanages from OPAP

Love and Offer celebration in front of OPAP's kissing tree!

OPAP's campaign of love and offer, was successfully completed yesterday. Fifty thousands of kisses in front of the "kissing tree" in Athens, in Thessaloniki and on the Company's facebook sending a message of hope and 100.000 euros to children in need. We thank you, because your participation assisted our Company to support Orphanages all over Greece.

With a great participation, the citizens of Greece embraced the OPAP's campaign "kissing tree" and by kissing help,  Orphanages in need. From December 19th 2013 till the 1st of January 2014, personalities from Art and Sports, football, basketball and volley ball players , have also visited OPAP's "kissing tree" offering their support to OPAP's goal.

In this initiative we united our forces and proved that, participation is the key word for hope and prosperity. The family of OPAP has proved that it always supports the Greek society. Therefore, we have decided to offer 2 euros for each kiss instead of the 1 euro offered originally and thus  reaching  donation of 100.000 euros for Children in need.

Thank you for your participation and happy New Year!

OPAP, Good for ALL