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Higher jackpots are ongoing for the LOTTO, JOKER and PROTO's players in 2013 last weekend's draws. Furthermore, the 3.000.000 euros of the JOKER's celebration bonus are looking for its big winner.


On Saturday's December 28th 2013 draw, LOTTO's jackpot is up to 550.000 euros. The game is looking for the 9th first prize tier winner of the year.

On Sunday, December 29th 2013, profits are getting larger. JOKER's jackpot has reached 1.400.000 euros. The game is looking for  the 16th first prize tier winner of the year.

And it's not only this. The 3.000.000 euros celebration bonus is going to be given to the jackpot's winner who will also have the same final PROTO digit with the last digit of the lucky PROTO number of the same draw.

In order to win, he has to have filled all five JOKER's playslip fields and at least one participation in PROTO, at the same playslip.

PROTO's jackpot is now up to 2.500.000 euros. This is the second bigger amount that the game has ever distributed. At the same time, its players have a lot of reasons to smile. For example, the winner of the second prize tier at last Thursday's Dec. 26th 2013 draw earned 25.000 euros by playing 15 euros.

He was the 86th winner of this category, in 2013. This year, PROTO has totally distributed 2.150.000 euros to the winners of its second prize tier.

And the game is becoming more and more familiar. In the last draw there were 1.255.278 participations which is a record for this year.

There are... million of reasons in order to visit OPAP agencies this weekend.

And... Happy New Year to All !