Press Releases OPAP


The departing President and CEO of OPAP, Mr. Constanine Louropoulos, made a statement on the occasion of the completion of the transaction for the transfer of shares to EMMA DELTA and the change of the Board of Directors:

"Today a very ambitious and difficult task is concluded, which will have a positive contribution to the environment of OPAP, particularly of the economy of Greece. Ambitious because its success was not secured and predefined and difficult because it went through several stages, complex procedures and  unprecedented matters that were arising frequently, which created tension and negative publicity. And all these, in an environment of intensive and long lasting economic instability,  so much in Greece as well as worldwide.

Many of the tensions could have been avoided easily. Nevertheless, all parties involved have demonstrated their commitment to reach the target of the privatization of the 33%. So much EMMA DELTA displayed that they wish strongly their participation in OPAP, as well as the OPAP itself, which worked systematically, thus helping the process of the public bid of which the design and execution was in the hands of Hellenic Republic Private Assets Development Fund, as the selling entity of the shares. OPAP contributed so as to warrant that the company presented properly all the information necessary to all participants in the bid. At the same time, all rules were observed for the protection of all shareholders, so as to ensure their property and the value they have in the share of the company.

At the same, there was a series of regulatory measures  implemented by the Hellenic State, in the regulatory and tax regime, so as to reinforce the control over the monopoly, the warranty of the responsible gaming and the protection of sensitive groups of the society, as well as reform of the taxation of the gaming industry.

All these, and especially the success of the departing Management, are reflected clearly in the share price. When we started our job, 14 months ago, the price of the share was under 4 euro. Today is above 9 euro. This demonstrates the markets (which are by enlarge comprised by international institutional investors),  support the decisions of the Management, as well as the expectations from EMMA DELTA which takes over today the leadership of the company.

We deliver the company financially healthy, institutionally fortified  and equipped with a rich portfolio of opportunities, form one hand in its traditional business areas where it was strong until today, from the other hand with new outlook in areas of investments in new products, such as Videolottery terminals, Online gaming and Lotteries and instant tickets. These new products will contribute at an increased pace in the development path of the company in all fronts. Hence, the company is and can continue to be one of the most vivid enterprises of the Greek economy. This is necessary even more today, when Greece enters with dynamism in a new development path.

I thank the Board of Directors, the personnel of OPAP and all those who have contributed to the success of the above goals. I wish success in the efforts of the new Board of Directors".