Alexis Ioakeimidis


My name is Alexis Ioakeimidis and I was born on 26 May 2001 in Athens, where I reside with my family, my rock. My relationship with sports started when I was 8 years old, when I took up swimming and in fact, competition. The heavy trainings schedule, though, made me leave the sport. Later on, and following my brother’s example, I decided to try my luck in boxing. So, the fire was soon kindled in me and I got passionate with the idea of getting in the ring, something that I managed at the age of 14. Competitive sport entered my life one year later, and thanks to my will to fight and my hard work, I won my first gold medal. From then on, my will to win more and more medals was growing stronger, and it was culminated with the four consecutive gold medals in national and school championships. But this was not enough for me. My participation in international tournaments and matches was the next big struggle. Therefore, despite the difficulties and the heavy load I have to face being a student who wants to get into dental school, I keep on fighting and sacrificing my daily life as a teenager for the sport.

“Effort is not just a 6-letter word. Effort constitutes a vital means to satisfy personal wishes and targets. Targets that are not easily attained without hard work.”


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  •  1st place in the 2018 National Youth Championship, Drosia
  •  1st place in the 2018 School Youth Championship, Moschato
  •  1st place in the 2017 National Children Championship, Kavala
  •  1st place in the 2016 National Children Championship, Kavala
  •  1st place in the 2018 Moschato Cup

Competition Schedule 2019



Panhellenic cup

Athens, January

Paneuropean Championship